Activity Report: 10/5/2020

Activity Report, 10/5/20: First a little background on my Golfing experience…

I started playing when I was in the Air Force. It was more of a casual endeavor. My play was sporadic at best. The only reason I started was to pass the time when I was away from home, attending conferences.

I would play once in a great while, really not bothering to put any serious effort into the game.

Fast forward to 2018…

I finally picked up my clubs to put in some serious effort into the game. I’d retired in 2017, so I was looking to stay active… I did not want to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Doing so is not at all healthy. So now golf has become an integral part of my daily activities.

I want to share with people my activities from each day. Not just golf, but what I do each day of the week. Hopefully by sharing my day, someone will become inspired to not only share their day, but become more active as well.

A little note about me. .. I’m 69 years of age, the father of 2 sons who are avid golfers, and a grandfather of one (9 years old).

So now, I introduce you to my first Activity Report…


Went to the driving range today to work on my tee shot. Just can’t seem to get rid of the fades off the drive. Some fades are not as drastic as others.

When I do hit it straight and true I can get 200-215 yds., which is satisfactory for me, even on Par 5’s.

I know what I’m doing on the downswing… dropping the right shoulder. I’ve been working on that, but can’t keep it consistent with staying squared up on my downswing. Will keep working at it.

Working with irons, also. Doing pretty good with them. Shots are good with nice direction and distance. The main thing is I have to stay down on the ball… same with the fairway woods… stay down and keep the head quiet.

Got 12,329 steps in today. 5.64 miles (Fitbit tracking). Goal: 10,000+ steps.

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