Activity Report: 10/7 & 10/8/2020

Yesterday, my writer’s initiative was gone. All I wanted to do was kick my feet up when I got home.

So, I’m combining yesterday’s and today’s report into one.

Yesterday, 10/7/2020: It looks like my having moved closer to the golf ball while hitting with the fairway driver (3W) has worked for me. I’m hitting the ball with more consistency than when the distance was wider. Plus, closing the distance between me and the ball feels a lot more natural.

I worked with my irons also… both the 6 and 7. I’ve really gotten comfortable with the irons. The direction and distance are very satisfactory. Though sometimes I tend to back off on the power at times. It is a beautiful thing to see the ball get into the air and land on the green… anywhere on the green.

There’s a dramatic difference in the control I now have with the irons, as opposed to what it was 6 months ago. I was pulling everything left with all my irons back then (the old baseball swing was the nemesis). Once the baseball swing was eliminated and I opened the club face up a bit, the iron shots got better and better.

What about the driver? 

Remember, I moved my position from 6 o’clock to 5 o’clock. The repositioning is working fine. So, I’ll maintain that position as it seems to be producing some good results.

Left the range and got to the park around 4:30p for my walk. I walked 5.6 miles and got in 12,054 steps. When my Fitbit buzzed me at the 10,000 steps mark, I just kept on going. I really did want to exceed 12k, and just did make the mark.

It was a very good day!

Today, 10/8/2020: Met up with one of my golfing partners at the range today. We both worked on our irons today. He was hitting his 6 and 8. I was hitting with my 6 and pitching wedge. Real good practice for us both (we both hit 2 buckets).

He took out his 5 iron and was drilling it pretty good. I was hitting my 6 over 150 yds today… consistently.

Thanks for the practice, Nik! … Yes, that’s the way he spells it. ?

Didn’t do a big walk today. Only .76 miles and 3,909 steps taken. I just walked from the trailhead to Stepping Stone Falls and back. I’ll pick back up with the 10,000 steps/ 5 miles on Saturday.

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