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March 16, 1978





As the founder of The Perth Healing Room, Dal passionately supports her clients in finding their most vibrant, self-nurturing and authentic lives. Lives where you not only reach your goals but also embrace the journey along the way. She encourages you to re-evaluate your personal power and realise you can, in fact, create the life you love! You are welcomed into an open and safe place for you to question your behaviours, clarify your intentions, imagine new possibilities and clear obstacles so you can begin to make your dreams a reality.

Dal’s coaching sessions have been described as healing, inspiring, compassionate and transformative. Her goal is to assist you to become empowered in your lives, to see the real you and learn to listen to your inner guidance.  Dal is passionate about coaching her clients to persevere until they realise their true potential.

In addition to her own well-being practice, Dal has worked as coach and trainer for various International organisations over the years. She worked as the UK and International trainer for a London brand in the early 2000’s. She currently teaches disability awareness training for a Disability Employment Service, a non-profit organisation empowering people with disabilities gain meaningful employment in Perth, Australia. 

Dal has an Advanced and Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, is a Certified Life Coach, a meditation teacher and a Reiki practitioner and has over 20 years of coaching experience. 

Before coaching, Dal worked aboard cruise ships as a health and wellness therapist. She is also an avid artist having created art pieces for charities.  She was born and bred in England where she graduated from De Montfort University in Post-Compulsory Education in 2005.

She then went on to emigrate to Australia in 2006.

Dal still lives in sunny Perth today. She loves nature, keeping fit, yoga, meditation, gardening and spending time with people from all walks of life. Dal is an eternal optimist and continues to develop her own abilities so she can be the best version of herself to help those around her do the same.


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Perth, Australia