Website Management Byte-Size Nuggets: WordPress Plugins ⚙️?

There a couple of things I want to talk about in regards to plugins on in a WordPress site.

But before I dig into this, I want to say first: Happy November! This month has been a bust, challenging month for me. It did fly by for sure. But I’m sure this month is going to be better. I’m hoping yours is going to be great as well.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. So here are a few website plugin byte-size nuggets to keep your website a better site from within:

– Keeping your WordPress plugins updated. From time to time, you’ll need them updated. You can tell by going into your plugins area and seeing update available alerts there.

– Having too many plugins can cause your website to run very slow in the back end. It’s not just the back end but the front end as well. Who wants a website that’s as slow as a snail? ? 2 – 4 plugins are just fine.

– Make sure the plugins you use are relevant to your website type. If you have a blog, you shouldn’t have a chatbot on your site. Something like that is for service-based sites.

– Some of the best WordPress plugins I recommend for health entres (entrepreneurs for short if you didn’t know) are:

1. Legacy Brand Building (one of the best website builders ever. No need to update plugins. ☺ Actually, this is the main backbone of your website overall)

2. Mail Opt-in (You can link your favorite email autoresponders to this, create opt-in forms, and more)

3. RankMath (one of the best tools that will provide you with accurate SEO audit reports)

4. Google Analytics (you’ve got to see how much traffic your website is getting on its search engine)

5. Legacy Booking (if you want to get your potential clients to schedule a consultation on your website)

6. Legacy Funnels (forget ClickFunnels! Build your funnels using this system with an easy to use setup process)

7. Woo Commerce (if you have a digital course site this would be good for your business)

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. I hope you find these “byte-size” nuggets helpful when dealing with WordPress plugins.

If you’re looking to get management for your site, contact us here for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help. Have a blessed day!

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